4 Tips to Improve your Party Selfies

4 Tips to Improve your Party Selfies

Taking great party selfies is a skill that takes time and practice to master. Sure, a high-quality front camera can do wonders by itself, but if you want to take your photos to the next level, keep scrolling down.

4 Tips to take the best party selfies

 1) Find your light: Lighting can make or break a photo. You don’t want it to be too aggressive because it accentuates all flaws, but you still need it to enhance the colors of your clothes, makeup, and hair.

Finding a good light source can be difficult at nocturnal events, so you may want to try the front camera flash available on Snapchat, for example.

Learn more about how to choose the perfect lighting for photos here

2) Choose your background wisely: You may not notice certain things about a selfie at first sight but, trust us, people will.

Make sure there aren’t any embarrassing objects or unflattering poses in the background. We want people to focus on the good in our selfies.

3) A high angle never hurt anybody: High angles are a go-to for all kinds of faces and bodies. By looking up in our photos, we save ourselves from the feared double chin, looking slimmer and higher in the process.

It’s also easier to capture a moment or for a whole group to fit the frame if we hold our phones high. You can also use a reliable selfie stick for this (we recommend reading this article before you purchase one.)

4) Keep it fun: Avoid looking too serious, and get your squad involved. After all, the goal with a party selfie is to capture how much of a good time we had. Smile!

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