How To Create The Wedding Playlist Of Your Dreams

How To Create The Wedding Playlist Of Your Dreams

How To Create The Wedding Playlist Of Your Dreams

The ring is rung and the date is set but now you have to plan the reception. One of the first things that come to most couple’s minds is the wedding playlist. While it may seem fun to create your own at first, there are huge benefits to letting a professional handle things.

Even if you do hire a wedding DJ, you’ll have to give them some suggestions. These tips will help you pick the perfect wedding playlist.

Do Not DIY Your Wedding Playlist

The more hands on you are with your wedding music the more you’ll have to work at your own wedding. Ask yourself if you really want to be responsible for set up, tear down and technical troubleshooting on your special day.

If you choose to hire professional wedding DJs, do let them exercise creative license to fill in the blanks around your must-hear songs. Discuss genres of artists and music that you love, specific songs you want to hear, and also supply a detailed account of the order of events. This helps your DJ usher visitors from cocktail hour to dinner and then to the dance floor.

You will likewise want to go over some toasts that could be happening, along with scheduled father-daughter, bride-and-groom, and mother-son dances.

Keep Your Wedding Playlist Eclectic

If you get stuck rounding out your playlist, think about your most treasured guests and the music they enjoy. Let their age guide you- people almost always love hearing songs they remember from growing up!

Consult the charts from each decade and you’ll remember songs you through were just a distant memory. You’ll enjoy watching your guests get excited as these hidden gems pop into the playlist.

Your DJ can help make suggestions here too!

Your Wedding Playlist Timing Is Crucial

During the conversations with your DJ leading up to your wedding, make sure they know about the timing of all of your special moments. They’ll roll with the punches when necessary but can keep a cohesive feel as you move through the reception.

This is particularly helpful when it’s time for dinner and cake. Your DJ can guide your guests from one to the other with an appropriate soundtrack.

Get To Know Your Partner’s Guests

You probably know a lot about your side of the guest list, but your partners’ friends and family also have musical likes and dislikes. Try to find out their favorite songs or artists and let your DJ in on the scoop. A novel way to do this is to ask everyone to send in one song they’d love to hear when they RSVP!

Once Your Wedding Playlist Is In Place, Relax!

Because you hired an expert to run the sound and music at your wedding, you can leave the heavy lifting to them and enjoy your party! It’s a great idea to stay tuned into how guests are reacting to the playlist, but don’t feel like you have to micromanage all of the music.

Your DJ has a lot of experience and knowledge to pull from!


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