How Important Is DJ Insurance: The Risks Of Hiring An Uninsured DJ

How Important Is DJ Insurance: The Risks Of Hiring An Uninsured DJ

Insurance doesn’t sound that fun, but it’s an essential part of your successful party or event. If your DJ and lighting professionals aren’t insured, you’re at risk for serious liability.

This information applies to business functions as well as weddings, and private events. Additionally, we’re focusing on DJs, but your photographers, videographers, and other event vendors should also carry insurance!

DJ Insurance: Are All DJs Insured?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You can’t assume your DJ is insured because there are a number of reasons they may not carry insurance. First of all, many very competent DJs primarily perform in bars, venues, and nightclubs that already carry their own insurance policies. In this case, they may not need their own additional coverage.

If these types of DJs start transitioning into corporate events and weddings, they could lack vital insurance and not even know it.

This is an excellent reason you should ask your event vendors about their experience in detail. Opt for professionals with experience that relates to your event. Has this DJ done many weddings? Are they comfortable with corporate environments? These are important things to know because they impact how attentive you need to be versus letting your seasoned professional vendor take the lead.

DJ Insurance: Uninsured And Underinsured DJs And Potential Liability

Frankly, it is an enormous liability to work with an inadequately insured DJ. While your event could go start to finish with zero problems, there is always a chance the sound or lighting equipment could injure one of your guests. Personal injury claims result in lawsuits and while that’s usually where insurance kicks in. If your DJ is uninsured you could be at risk.

Prevention is far better than remedy in this kind of situation.

DJ Insurance: Uninsured And Underinsured DJs And Venue Problems

Although less serious than a lawsuit, there is another potential risk you face if you work with an uninsured DJ. If your venue asks for a Certificate of Insurance from any of your vendors and they can’t provide one, the venue could bar their entry. Because an underinsured DJ puts both you and the venue at risk, many professional locations won’t allow vendors to work an event without proof of proper coverage.

Imagine finding out you have no DJ or lighting hours before your event. Not an ideal situation!

DJ Insurance: Worker’s Comp?

In addition to liability insurance, many venues require proof of Worker’s Comp coverage. This is definitely the case in California where we’re located.

Worker’s Comp insurance safeguards the venue from claims if a vendor hurts themselves during the event. Your venue doesn’t want to be responsible for the medical costs associated with work accidents for 3rd party vendors. For this reason, they may require your vendors to hold and provide proof that they’re adequately insured for liability and comp.

DJ Insurance: The Takeaway Is Insurance Is Vital!

We encounter clients every day that lack this crucial piece of knowledge and it makes a big difference. While we carry ample insurance in every required area, not everyone does. If you’re doing business elsewhere, please make sure you’re protected. Just ask to see proof of insurance from your DJ before booking.

Best of luck with your event! If you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to explore our competitive pricing.



Don’t Throw Another Outdoor Event Until You Read This!

Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake With Your Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event requires a lot of foresight. You have to understand your guests’ needs, factor in any business that needs to happen and find the right professionals to handle your sound and lighting. There are usually also rentals involved. You’ll need the proper equipment to ensure your outdoor event runs successfully.

Outdoor Event Disaster? – The Most Important Thing Is What You Forgot

Because details are so important with both corporate and social events, the most important thing is sometimes what you forgot. A glaring oversight can derail your otherwise perfectly planned event.

Your sound and lighting professionals can help you with the necessary rentals and give you advice about the equipment you need.

In our experience, one of the most crucially overlooked pieces of equipment for outdoor events is a generator.

Is it the most glamorous party item? Certainly not. It will quickly stand out as the most important thing you forgot, however. It stands between you and the proper power to run all of your other equipment.

Outdoor Event Power: What Is A Generator?

A generator is an external power source that may act as a primary or backup power supply. The one at your outdoor event could take quite a heavy load depending on the number of lights and your sound needs.

A generator … converts mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators often use motors, turbines, engines, cranks, pistons, or other sources of mechanical energy. Likewise, generators may use chemicals or other materials that produce electricity when mixed or ignited. Generators do not produce electricity itself, but simply produce a flow of electricity by forcing electrons from an external source to flow through an electrical circuit. Generators are used for a wide variety of purposes and are available in many different forms. – Tech-Faq

As you can see, without a generator as a primary or backup source, you could be left in the silent darkness, without climate control, and with no way to entertain your guests.

Outdoor Event Power: What Is The Right Type Of Generator?

Multi-circuit, inverter-style, pull-behind generators are often the best for events with a DJ. The sound equipment draws too much power for most non-inverter style generators.

A general rule is to choose a generator with twice the power you need. The same goes for the fuel tank. Choose a generator with enough fuel capacity to run your equipment for twice as long as your event runs.

We’re happy to talk with you about the details and specifics as we help you plan the audiovisual portion of your event. We offer event rentals and will give whatever advice we can about any equipment you need to find elsewhere.

If you are booked with another lighting, DJ, videography or photography business, bring the power issue up. Ask them their thoughts on what you need to secure for a successful event.

A Personal Note And Cautionary Tale

This blog is a PSA to help you avoid something that breaks our heart: event planners left in a lurch. We recently experienced a client’s pain during an event when insufficient power really tied our hands. While we felt terrible, there isn’t much we can do to help once the event is underway.

This inspired us to share this tip with all our readers in the hopes that you avoid this potential pitfall. Awareness is the first step!

Please share it with someone who could also use the info.


How To Create The Wedding Playlist Of Your Dreams

How To Create The Wedding Playlist Of Your Dreams

The ring is rung and the date is set but now you have to plan the reception. One of the first things that come to most couple’s minds is the wedding playlist. While it may seem fun to create your own at first, there are huge benefits to letting a professional handle things.

Even if you do hire a wedding DJ, you’ll have to give them some suggestions. These tips will help you pick the perfect wedding playlist.

Do Not DIY Your Wedding Playlist

The more hands on you are with your wedding music the more you’ll have to work at your own wedding. Ask yourself if you really want to be responsible for set up, tear down and technical troubleshooting on your special day.

If you choose to hire professional wedding DJs, do let them exercise creative license to fill in the blanks around your must-hear songs. Discuss genres of artists and music that you love, specific songs you want to hear, and also supply a detailed account of the order of events. This helps your DJ usher visitors from cocktail hour to dinner and then to the dance floor.

You will likewise want to go over some toasts that could be happening, along with scheduled father-daughter, bride-and-groom, and mother-son dances.

Keep Your Wedding Playlist Eclectic

If you get stuck rounding out your playlist, think about your most treasured guests and the music they enjoy. Let their age guide you- people almost always love hearing songs they remember from growing up!

Consult the charts from each decade and you’ll remember songs you through were just a distant memory. You’ll enjoy watching your guests get excited as these hidden gems pop into the playlist.

Your DJ can help make suggestions here too!

Your Wedding Playlist Timing Is Crucial

During the conversations with your DJ leading up to your wedding, make sure they know about the timing of all of your special moments. They’ll roll with the punches when necessary but can keep a cohesive feel as you move through the reception.

This is particularly helpful when it’s time for dinner and cake. Your DJ can guide your guests from one to the other with an appropriate soundtrack.

Get To Know Your Partner’s Guests

You probably know a lot about your side of the guest list, but your partners’ friends and family also have musical likes and dislikes. Try to find out their favorite songs or artists and let your DJ in on the scoop. A novel way to do this is to ask everyone to send in one song they’d love to hear when they RSVP!

Once Your Wedding Playlist Is In Place, Relax!

Because you hired an expert to run the sound and music at your wedding, you can leave the heavy lifting to them and enjoy your party! It’s a great idea to stay tuned into how guests are reacting to the playlist, but don’t feel like you have to micromanage all of the music.

Your DJ has a lot of experience and knowledge to pull from!



3 Tips To Secure Your Status As An Epic Office Party Planner

3 Tips To Secure Your Status As An Epic Office Party Planner

The holidays are swiftly approaching and we all know that’s office party time. There’s also next year’s summer company gathering to start thinking about. It’s challenging to plan a quality day that your employees and business associates will love.

You have a chance to increase morale and improve team building but have to stay within budgets and consider the safety of your guests.

Here are the top 3 tips we believe lead to every successful office party.

Epic Office Party Tip 1: Say Yes To Themes But Think Outside The Box

Themes are a great way to subtly set the tone for an office party. If you work in a serious profession, a playful theme can help everyone loosen up. Employees with high-pressure jobs can really appreciate a reason to unwind.

Your theme doesn’t have to be silly at all, however. Your event could be focused on something specific to your industry or the act of giving. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember that if you choose a theme that requires costumes, keep things simple so it doesn’t become another thing on everyone’s to-do list.

Epic Office Party Tip 2: Pick An Appropriate Playlist

While your sick 90s jams could be ideal for a high school reunion, an office party may call for something different. Keep your guests in mind and also the level of formality you want to achieve. Music really is the soundtrack to your event and you want it to move your guests and set the tone for the gathering.

Taking requests during the party or even before is a great way to let your guests choose the music they enjoy. If you want to encourage people to dance, your DJ can help make suggestions.

Hiring a band is also an option but it limits the variety and choices your guests have. In this way, DJs are a hidden asset during any kind of event.

Epic Office Party Tip 3: Safety First

Keeping people safe is as important as letting them have fun. Consider designated drivers, discounted rides with a cab company, and make sure food and coffee are available. Maybe a local transport company would even offer a discount to sponsor the party. This is a great way to save your budget, offer a true service to your guests, and help another local business.

Another great way to encourage people to drink responsibly is offering an enticing, non-alcoholic option. Sparkling ciders, spritzers, and mulled drinks can be seasonally appropriate and delicious. Many larger companies even hold their office parties at a hotel so guests can just stay the night.

Epic Office Party Bonus: Extra Special Touches

Once you have your ideal corporate party planned, consider hiring a videographer to preserve the moments. These types of videos are a goldmine for your marketing department and fun for employees to look back on.

Photobooths are another excellent option to boost the fun factor at your next office party.

A few simple finishing touches can take your party from an obligation to something your coworkers look forward to.


Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions

Bonus Event Promotions Content Below!

We teamed up with guest writer, Camille Moore, for an interesting perspective on email marketing for all of you event promoters in the audience. We hope you find some valuable information here to help with your event attendance!

Thanks, Camille!

Leveraging Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions

Email is still one of the most effective tools for event marketing. However, you have to do more than just land your emails in the recipients’ inboxes if you want to have success.

You have to focus on email best practices, like segmenting lists, tracking key performance metrics, and sending your messages to a verified email list. Not only that, but you also need to develop an event email marketing strategy and compose emails that will compel readers to action. Here’s how you can successfully use email to market your upcoming event.

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: Optimize the Sender Name

The sender name can be one of the most significant factors when running an email campaign. According to Campaign Monitor, 68% of Americans decide to open marketing emails based on who sent it. For event emails, you either want to set the sender name as the name of the event or that of the organization holding the event.

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: Write Compelling Subject Lines

The subject line is another important element for boosting the open rate of event emails. With 35% of recipients saying they will open an email based solely on the subject line, it can have a considerable impact on the success of your campaign.

A good subject line will let the recipient know what the email is about and get them interested in opening it. The following are examples of good subject lines for event emails:

  • Register Today!
  • Get Your Tickets Now!
  • Start Planning for this Year’s [Event Name]
  • Check Out the Event Schedule!

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: The Body of the Email

Once the recipient opens your email, you want to share content that will encourage them to participate. Images can be a good way to create attractive email content, but you don’t want to overdo it. All images should be relevant, and you don’t want to include so many that it distracts from the text in the email.

The email text is your opportunity to explain the event and sell it to the reader. You should provide basic information about the event and include value propositions. Try and keep this around 150-250 words. If the reader wants to learn more, you can direct them to a website page with more information.

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: The Email Footer

The footer is at the bottom of the email, and provides another important opportunity to share information. The footer should include the physical address of your organization and additional contact information. If you have social media accounts, you should also include social media buttons. This will offer further opportunities to connect with potential attendees.

It is also smart to include an unsubscribe link in the footer. If a person does not want to receive your emails, it is better to make it easy for them to opt out. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your open rate. If recipients really get fed up with seeing your emails, they might even mark them as spam.

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: Call-to-Action

If you want people to be able to RSVP, register, or buy tickets from the email, you need to include a CTA button that makes taking action easy. Emails with a CTA see a 371% increase in clicks, so this can be an effective way to increase engagement.

When adding a CTA to emails, make sure it is highly visible and test different versions of the CTA button. Furthermore, you should try to stick to just one CTA per email. With multiple CTAs, readers can get confused; they might not take the desired action if there are too many options to choose from.

Email Marketing Strategies for Event Promotions: Send Thank You Emails

Sending thank you emails can be a good way to show appreciation. When people register or buy tickets, let them know that you appreciate them. Along with that, you should also send post-event thank you emails. It might not help with the current campaign, but it is a good way to further your relationship with attendees. Sending these messages could pay off when you promote future events to the same audience.

Designing the perfect event email marketing campaign might not be possible the first time out, but you can use these tips to move in the right direction. With every campaign, you should test your emails, compare different CTAs and subject lines, and use the results to improve your future campaigns.

Music Matters_ How The Right Event DJ Can Elevate Your Event

Music Matters: How The Right Event DJ Can Elevate Your Event

Music Matters How The Right Event DJ Can Elevate Your Event

Music is one of the most memorable parts of any event, however, it’s often overlooked. First of all, you want the sound equipment at your event to be suitable for the space. This is something an event DJ can really lend expertise to.

Next is the music you’ll select. For weddings and parties, these choices are often deeply personal. For corporate events, the psychology and objectives behind musical selections are different but no less important.

Today we’re exploring some things you should think about on the technical side as well as why music matters for your branding during professional events.

Things To Consider And Discuss With Your Event DJ

The following consideration list will help you have a meaningful conversation with your DJ.

Type Of Event

Planning your wedding? You’ll have a list of songs that are special to you and important to include. Make sure to provide that to your event DJ. Corporate event? Talk to your professionals about their recommendations for engaging, soothing background music.

Venue Requirements

Is your event indoors or outside? This, and the size of the space makes a huge difference for your event professional. A professional DJ will have all of the necessary equipment to suit the space. This is a huge benefit to hiring a DJ in the first place. Many, like Diamond Sonic, also include event rental equipment to suit any needs. They can speak with the venue to find out exactly what’s provided and what you need to rent from them.

Matching Tempo To Tone

Background sound and music impact the mood of any gathering and may also set the pace for festivities. The right tempo can inspire people to dance or help them relax. Some music can even boost creativity and make people feel more social. Professional DJs can pick music that is best suited for the specific requirements of your event.

Themed Event Music: if your event has a particular theme, your music can reinforce this. Because event DJs are so experienced, they have a huge knowledge base to pull from and can help you identify an appropriate soundtrack.

How An Event DJ Can Help You Decide on Music For Corporate Events

Music for business events is largely something that goes unnoticed in the background, but there are moments when you want it to stand out. Furthermore, just because something isn’t standing out doesn’t mean it isn’t having a subconscious effect on your audience.

Corporate event music should include a mix of relaxing music, energizing but unobtrusive music, and tracks that hype up your audience for certain speakers or brand reveals. Music can help shape the energy of group meetings, business dinners, conferences and trade shows while giving these events an air of sophistication.

Instrumental music is often the best choice, but there are so many styles to choose from. Classical and house music, for example, are vastly different although often instrumental. Your event DJ can help you make the right choices.

Your Event DJ Is A Valuable Resource When Choosing Music For Weddings And Parties

Weddings, anniversaries and planned social gatherings give an opportunity for you to share your personality with your guests. You’ll probably have a list of songs you’d like to hear. If you are concerned that your choices won’t last from start to finish, however, your DJ can help. Once you provide them with your ‘must haves,’ they can choose complementary music to mix in, extending the right energy from the moment guests arrive until they leave.

You might think you want to choose every single song, but once reality hits you could soon find this more stressful than you expect. Let your DJ help with this and speak with them about accepting requests from your guests to keep the party going.

Whether you want to be very involved in your event music selection or prefer to hand those reigns over completely, the right event DJ is a valuable resource.


Wedding Videos: What Are Your Options And Price Points?

Wedding Videos: What Are Your Options And Price Points?

With all the planning that goes into your wedding, you might think choosing a videographer is enough. Unfortunately, there are a series of decisions you need to make during the planning for this as well! Luckily, these decisions truly empower you and ensure you’ll receive a high-quality film that celebrates the moment you and your partner come together.

One of the crucial decisions you’ll make about how your wedding is captured is the length of the final wedding video.

Short Form Wedding Videos

The lowest in cost, short form wedding videos are a highlight reel of your special day. They often clock in at around 5 minutes. We hit all the high points and save you costs by doing less editing work compared to longer format videos.

Is longer better? That all comes down to personal choice and what is most important to you. Ask your videographer to show you samples of their work. You can compare their short, medium and long form content so you know what to expect.

Some key points include the way short form wedding videos flow. For instance, the day’s events may appear out of chronological order. This happens because your videographer and production team are telling a story with your video.

A short form film’s goal is to construct a cohesive representation of your celebration of love. A good wedding videographer has the experience and creativity to identify the most important parts of a wedding and keep them off the cutting room floor.

Medium Form Wedding Videos

A medium format video is, you guessed it, longer than a short one. It can be up to 20 minutes and includes more of the ceremony and toasts.

This is also a cost-effective option, falling between the cost of short form and full length videos. Again, this is because of the amount of production work involved due to the length of the final footage.

Many couples find this a perfect balance for them since it shows more special moments and is still concise and affordable.

Here is an example of a medium length video we created for Anusuya and Chris.

Full Length Wedding Videos

A full length wedding video includes the full ceremony and full toasts. They are 40 minutes long or more.

The most robust and therefore most expensive option, for many this is still the best value. If you can’t bear the thought of missing a moment of your memories, it’s worth investing in a professional full length wedding video.

The Knot actually recommends a wedding video package long enough to include the entire ceremony.

So don’t skimp on ceremony coverage in order to get more reception coverage out of your four-hour video package. In fact, the ceremony is a good reason to splurge on a second shooter. Also, build in time for your videographer to capture the guests arriving before the ceremony—it’s one of those moments you’ll miss on your wedding day that will be fun to watch afterward. – The Knot

Size Of The Team On Site

That quotation is not only great advice for most couples. It also brings up another important choice. How many shooters do you need?

This affects the cost of your wedding video but enables you to see so much more than with one videographer. A larger video team captures many moments from different perspectives. A single videographer, while the most economical option, is limited.

Making The Decision

Our clients often find that a mix of styles fits them best. If you need all your nuptials, splurge on multiple shooters during the ceremony and dial that back at the reception. Most people can skip photo montages and guest interviews because they rarely beat the toasts anyway. Making a pro and cons list can really help you decide.

Also try putting yourself in the position of sitting down to watch your video a year from now. What will mean the most to you then? Those are great things to plan to include!

We’re here to help you along the way. If you have any questions just contact us or request a quote!

benefits of live streaming

The Benefits Of Live Streaming At Your Event

The Benefits Of Live Streaming At Your Event

Everyone keeps saying that content is king online because that’s the new reality. Live streaming your event produces a wealth of attractive, valuable content for your audience. It’s also more likely to bring in new people who’ve never heard of your brand or organization.

The benefits of live streaming your event are almost endless. Let’s explore how it can inject real energy into your business.

Benefits Of Live Streaming: Attract More Attendees

All events have physical and geographical limitations, but online content is always just a click away. This is equally true for your local market and international viewers. Increasing the size of your market gives you more chances to convert attendees into customers, volunteers or donors. Therefore, the more eyes on your content the better.

Additionally, live streaming can actually increase physical event attendance. A study by discovered that groups that live stream their events see a roughly 23% rate of conversion of remote attendees. Because streaming your event warms up your attendee market, you could see some of your remote viewers in person next year.

Additionally, up to 50% of your live stream audience has never attended one of your events in the past. That’s according to an interview with Jim Blomquist, director of live events at Digitell, Inc. by This makes live streaming a fantastic tool for motivating inactive members, partners or customers.

Breaking news makes up 56% of most-watched live content, with conferences and speakers tied with concerts and festivals in second place at 43%. –

Benefits Of Live Streaming: Increased Brand Exposure

You can use live streaming to educate the public about your brand and what you stand for.

Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts. – 

From behind the scenes footage to speakers and workshops, your event stream shows who you are and what you value. This creates a bonding experience that can foster trust and create loyalty.

87% of audiences want behind-the-scenes access and prefer to watch online live-stream video when it offers more behind-the-scenes content than traditional television. –

In Your Marketing

A typical myth is that footage broadcasted during is only useful immediately after the event, but that’s not true at all.

Your live stream is a wonderful way to interact with people who couldn’t attend as well as a bonanza for your marketing and advertising teams. Simply record the live stream footage and re-purpose it all through the year.

  • Archive all your event footage on your website to increase traffic and add value;
  • Upload portions of your footage to YouTube to increase your coverage;
  • Share snack sized clips on your social networking throughout the year;
  • Use some video segments in your advertising for next year’s event;
  • Use videos to court future sponsors
  • Repurpose concepts as written content like blogs and print marketing materials.

The quality of advertising materials you present is as important as a first impression. It can drive or dimish your attendance for future events. Repurposing content from your Livestream provides rich, tangible content that is informative appealing and fun to consume.

Benefits Of Live Streaming: Data To Crunch

When you live stream your event you have a record to refer to. The subject of the footage is your ideal market, after all. Streaming online also provides more metric data. You can gather crucial insight about who your market is and what worked for them at your last event.

Avail yourself of the data available through your website stream or social media platforms and use it to guide future decisions.

Benefits Of Live Streaming: Another Revenue Stream, Literally

A free live stream can increase interaction with new customers and build business opportunities. Another way to leverage the value of your stream is to charge for it. Even a nominal fee for access to the stream can offset some of the cost to hold the event or even generate profit.

Sponsorships are yet another way to monetize your stream. Offer a sponsorship bundle for one advertiser to display their logo during your entire event. Another monetization idea is to sell multiple sponsorships to many businesses.

Benefits Of Live Streaming: Lead Generation

Live streaming gives you an opportunity to communicate with people who are interested in your business but didn’t attend your event. If your material is intriguing to people it will draw them in where you can see them. Once you can see them, you can engage them.

Not to mention the improvement to your social media stats for the day.

75% of executives watch videos on business websites at least once a week, and 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. –

This list barely begins to uncover the incredible value that live streaming delivers. While you can broadcast your event yourself over the internet, that leaves so much up to chance. The right event services company can help you realize the potential of event video during your event and in your future marketing arsenal.


5 Event Audio Visual Trends

5 Event Audio Visual Trends To Speak With Your A/V Supplier About

Event planning is stressful even when you have plenty of qualified help. One of the most important aspects of today’s digitized events is the skill of your A/V Supplier. After all, your A/V Supplier coordinates the presentation of your branding and information in an engaging way.

The challenge here is that the technology is always changing. Event planners need a working expertise in the available tech in order to really wow event attendees. This is why planning and speaking openly with your A/V professionals is so important. They already understand the technology and are happy to discuss it with you.

5 Event Audio Visual Trends To Ask Your A/V Supplier About

To help you get the ball rolling, here is a list of a few key technology trends you could use during an event. These contemporary audiovisual trends are great creative conversation starters while planning with your A/V vendor.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #1- Interactive Digital

Guests and attendees expect a lot of digital content because they see it everywhere around them. As time marches on you’ll find that static images just aren’t engaging people. Ask your A/V team how to make use of video presentations, LED displays and signs, and any other types of digital systems and setups they recommend. Read more about how to tie in hands-on technology below.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #2- Video Rather than Text

Videos killed text when it comes to conveying and delivering info. People absorb visual information easier and it’s often easier to get your real message across with it. According to Word Stream, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #3- Cutting Edge Displays

Another important trend to make use of is the rise of 4K displays and VR systems which are on the rise. The right display makes your content more evocative and difficult to ignore. Find out how your materials will look best by asking your A/V team.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #4- VR/AR

There is a significant difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual reality is active (you make an active choice to become part of a VR experience), augmented reality is passive. It integrates into daily life so it doesn’t feel like a separate experience.

These technologies first stretched their legs in the realm of entertainment and gaming. Today, however, you’ll see more and more of this tech at events because the experience is so unique for guests.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #5- Hands-On Technology

Meeting professionals and attendees are much more technologically hands-on than ever. With the evolution and increased utilization of tablets and smartphones, everyone expects easy engagement at meetings. Content is essential, but using the latest audio-visual methods is also critical for engagement.

Based on Lookout’s Mobile Mindset Study, 58% of smartphone users check their phones almost hourly. Use this to your advantage by integrating smartphone and tablet when trying to connect with your guests pre, during, and post events.

As mobile app development and other geo-mapping technology evolve, look for brand new ways to offer gamification via mobile devices for onsite events including fun activities like scavenger hunts.

With more events going paperless, encourage the use of tablets and iPads at your event. You can also consider touch kiosks for information sharing and capture or digital photo booths just for fun.

How To Spark A Creative Conversation About Event Audio Visual Trends

In short, ask your A/V supplier what their favorite new toys are, and see where inspiration takes you. Be openminded and collaborate about how you can showcase the best parts of your brand, event, or service.

If you’d like to talk about how these trends can make your event cutting-edge, give us a call today!


The 6 Best Types Of Video For Successful Event Marketing

The 5 Best Types Of Video For Successful Event Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool to bring your event to life. This tactic works before your event for promotion and after as a way to keep people engaged. Here is a list of some of our favorite ways to use video for event marketing.

Before The Event

Here are some ways to start before your event takes place.

Best Event Marketing Videos #1: Send Valuable Videos To Your Email List

Attention is a hot commodity and we’re busier than ever before. Video captures attention almost effortlessly. According to Word Stream, One-third of online activity is spent watching video.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. You simply have to give your list something they actually benefit from. You also have to cut to the front of the line in their inboxes.

Create and share videos that truly educate people on why your event will make their lives better. Focus on how your event (and the video itself) benefits them, not you. When you cater to people, they’re far more likely to open your email marketing messages.

Best Event Marketing Videos #2: Personal Introductions or You Videos

Another excellent way to connect with potential event attendees is to show them who you are. Create personable video content identifying yourself to build a connection with people. When they see you or your staff in person, they already feel attracted to you and the goal of your event.

Examples of “You” Videos

A quick introduction and “look forward to seeing you there” video. This is the least valuable to the audience but still effective in connection building.

A How-to instructional video. These provide real value and introduce people to you and your brand. Can you show them how to do something that relates to your event?

An Interview. Speak with staff, management or event organizers on camera, asking questions that stress what the attendees (the viewer) will learn/gain/accomplish at the event.

Best Event Marketing Videos #3: Prize Promotion Videos

If it makes sense to hold a giveaway at your event or if a raffle or auction takes place during it, promote them with a video!

Make everyone is excited about the prizes or auction items by creating a high energy sizzle reel about it. You can engage your social media followers by offering them an incentive to share your video. Be sure to announce when the drawing, auction or prize announcement will occur. Doing it early can increase attendance at the start of your event.

During the Event

You and your event team will shoot video during your event for you to distribute later. Creating movies during the event is about creating or increasing your video marketing library.

Best Event Marketing Videos #4: Interview Industry Leaders

Conduct interviews for your YouTube channel, social media, and blogs. Ask industry influencers that stop by several questions about your field, and use video to distribute as a value video to your network as part of your marketing or fundraising strategy.

Best Event Marketing Videos #5: Testimonials

Gather sound bites during your event by prompting people to comment on your brand or organization. These are ideal for social media and also as a valuable part of your event recap video.

Best Event Marketing Videos #6: Event Recap Video

Event recap videos provide easy and quick video content that you can use to keep attendees engaged and gain new customers, donors, or future attendees. Event videos allow businesses to showcase their culture or effective business event.

Far too often, however, event videos mostly connect with people who already attended. While that is excellent for internal camaraderie, don’t overlook the opportunity to interact with a broader audience. This audience includes potential clients and talent.

Tell Stories

Weave narrative into your event recap video by pairing live footage, engaging music and testimonials or comments from leaders and attendees. You already have this footage on hand. Including interviews with additional text overlays and candid moments tells your viewers a story about your company and event.

Powerful And Brief

No matter how engaging your story is, shorter is generally better. Respect your audience’s time by artful editing.

Capitalize on Engagement

You have their attention, now it’s time for your ask. Determine what call-to-action is most in line with your goals and choose your language carefully. You’re motivating people to meet you halfway and take action that benefits you. This is like a soft ‘close’ and it’s very important.

Why Your Event Production Company Matters

If you’re looking for a professional event management and event rental business in the San Francisco area, give us a call! We would love to work with you to capture and create a compelling video about your organization and event.


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