Innovative Corporate Christmas Party Tips

How satisfied are you with your corporate Christmas party planning this year? It’s difficult to keep things fresh. However, if you avoid falling into the same old routines, your coworkers will get more out of this festive way to say ‘thanks.’

Office holiday parties are a time to show appreciation for your work family. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers and the last thing we want is to obligate them to a holiday party that feels like a chore. Innovation is the key!

You can find a middle ground between formal festivities and an open bar bender on the company dime. Here are some tips from our experience working Christmas parties for clients in San Francisco over the last several years.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 1: Hire A Professional DJ

As self-serving as this first tip may sound, music can make or break a party. It’s the same for corporate holiday parties. The right DJ will keep the atmosphere jolly and give guests something to relate over.

Some holiday standards should make an appearance. Your guests may also want to make requests. Not only do professional DJs have an extensive music selection on hand, they have all the equipment to make sure the sound is on point.

You could handle the music yourself or skip it altogether, but why stress about something when you could mingle with your office fam instead? Plus, are you really sure you’re comfortable and confident about hooking your phone up to the venue sound system?

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 2: It’s Food Time

Because most holiday parties mix supervisors and colleges with alcohol, food is a must. Feeding your guests insures against next-day regret.

A sit-down meal isn’t necessary. Substantial h’ordeuvres will do just fine. If you do want to offer more than picking food, opt for something like a pasta bar that gives everyone what they like in a buffet style.

A small touch like a good meal with a casual format will really make your guests feel appreciated.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 3: Raffle Off Centerpieces

Holiday bonuses are great but they’re so impersonal. If you choose to incorporate some live plants into your event centerpieces, you can raffle them off at the end of the night. Houseplants are very popular right now and they’re a gift your coworkers can enjoy for years.

Holiday cacti are an obvious choice. For the next several yule seasons, the recipient will think fondly of the company as the plant erupts in blooms.

Other ideas for centerpiece giveaways include candy, festive decorations, amaryllis flowers, and even small artificial Christmas trees.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 4: Pick An Unexpected Venue

You don’t have to hold your party in a banquet hall. In fact, many museums or artist collectives also host events. Nature conservatories, tipsy painting studios, zoos, and majestic, local historical sites can be amazing venues.

If you can’t sort out a location with fun activities or sights built-in, consider inviting someone who hosts corporate activities to hold a demonstration. Maybe your guests would like to make holiday cookies, receive holiday-themed face painting, paint a seasonal picture, or get crafty together to make gifts.

If you have a talent you want to share with your coworkers this season, hold a short activity seminar yourself! Any type of group activity is a team-building exercise and gives people something to show off in the photo booth.

Of course, you should rent a photo booth!

Be Creative With This Year’s Holiday Party!

Overall, remember your corporate Christmas party should be fun and feel warm. That holiday glow is in the air and it’s the perfect time to show your colleagues that you care.