Diamond Sonic is pleased to announce the addition of Live Streaming to the collection of Audio Visual services in our portfolio! Particularly over the last few years, live streaming has become more and more popular (and even necessary!) Whether shooting within the context of an event with a live audience or as a substitution where getting large groups together is not practical.

The benefit of live streaming is that it allows viewers from all over the world to tune in, regardless of location! It is a way to create deeper connections within your company, internally - or, to reach new audiences that you would like to inform, entertain or collaborate with. Live streaming is an easy addition to an event already in progress; with a few tweaks to the gear list, we are able to take your event from the boardroom to the global stage! This is especially important when you have a memorable message that you would like to communicate that demands a professional & “produced” feel.

Why send out an email blast, when you can showcase a fully live - and even interactive - show that will educate, inspire and create a deeper connection with your audience!

How do we do it?

The technical specifications will vary from event to event. We are able to produce very easy “one person” shows, where a single camera and microphone are deployed, along with a single technician to ensure everything is set up correctly and executed smoothly. However, if you are expecting a more complex setup, we can handle that too! Sometimes it is beneficial to have a 2-3 camera setup and many microphones. This allows for “on the fly” switching between cameras, for a more dynamic and entertaining show. We can instantly transition from a wide shot to a tight, close-up shot. Have a question from an audience member? We can have microphones ready and a camera for that too! Then as we run the show, the video technician can quickly switch between shots to ensure not a single moment is lost.

Downstream from the video mixer, we feed everything into a live stream “capture box,” which will deploy straight to the web. Most companies prefer Zoom as their video platform, but we can also integrate with Google Hangouts, Skype, Internal Video Platforms, as well as all live social media applications, such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Many folks will also consider having the “master video feed” send a simultaneous “record feed” flowing out of the video switcher. The benefit of this is that after the event, you will have a seamless recording of the entire show - complete with all the professional switching between cameras, microphones and more. We can also mix in any live graphics, music, videos or Power Points that were included in the main presentation.

After the event, you can either re-host the final video on your website, place it behind a “paywall,” or break it out into smaller pieces for social media content and other distribution channels. If you need help editing the final file, we are happy to help with that too! We are cognizant that different events will have different needs, and we want to make sure you receive the final assets that work best for you. 

Live streaming can be a relatively simple concept in theory, however, the execution can be quite technical, and ensuring the process is flawless is of paramount concern. We will meet with you and plan from A-Z to ensure that once it’s “showtime” we are ready to pull off your event without a hitch. If you have any questions about the process, technology, gear or any other specifications, please drop us a line so we can help you plan. Regardless of whether you choose Diamond Sonic or another provider, we are always happy to provide a free consultation and help you think through all the logistics necessary to pull off a perfect event! 



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