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5 Event Audio Visual Trends

5 Event Audio Visual Trends To Speak With Your A/V Supplier About

Event planning is stressful even when you have plenty of qualified help. One of the most important aspects of today’s digitized events is the skill of your A/V Supplier. After all, your A/V Supplier coordinates the presentation of your branding and information in an engaging way.

The challenge here is that the technology is always changing. Event planners need a working expertise in the available tech in order to really wow event attendees. This is why planning and speaking openly with your A/V professionals is so important. They already understand the technology and are happy to discuss it with you.

5 Event Audio Visual Trends To Ask Your A/V Supplier About

To help you get the ball rolling, here is a list of a few key technology trends you could use during an event. These contemporary audiovisual trends are great creative conversation starters while planning with your A/V vendor.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #1- Interactive Digital

Guests and attendees expect a lot of digital content because they see it everywhere around them. As time marches on you’ll find that static images just aren’t engaging people. Ask your A/V team how to make use of video presentations, LED displays and signs, and any other types of digital systems and setups they recommend. Read more about how to tie in hands-on technology below.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #2- Video Rather than Text

Videos killed text when it comes to conveying and delivering info. People absorb visual information easier and it’s often easier to get your real message across with it. According to Word Stream, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #3- Cutting Edge Displays

Another important trend to make use of is the rise of 4K displays and VR systems which are on the rise. The right display makes your content more evocative and difficult to ignore. Find out how your materials will look best by asking your A/V team.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #4- VR/AR

There is a significant difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual reality is active (you make an active choice to become part of a VR experience), augmented reality is passive. It integrates into daily life so it doesn’t feel like a separate experience.

These technologies first stretched their legs in the realm of entertainment and gaming. Today, however, you’ll see more and more of this tech at events because the experience is so unique for guests.

Hot Event Audio Visual Trends: #5- Hands-On Technology

Meeting professionals and attendees are much more technologically hands-on than ever. With the evolution and increased utilization of tablets and smartphones, everyone expects easy engagement at meetings. Content is essential, but using the latest audio-visual methods is also critical for engagement.

Based on Lookout’s Mobile Mindset Study, 58% of smartphone users check their phones almost hourly. Use this to your advantage by integrating smartphone and tablet when trying to connect with your guests pre, during, and post events.

As mobile app development and other geo-mapping technology evolve, look for brand new ways to offer gamification via mobile devices for onsite events including fun activities like scavenger hunts.

With more events going paperless, encourage the use of tablets and iPads at your event. You can also consider touch kiosks for information sharing and capture or digital photo booths just for fun.

How To Spark A Creative Conversation About Event Audio Visual Trends

In short, ask your A/V supplier what their favorite new toys are, and see where inspiration takes you. Be openminded and collaborate about how you can showcase the best parts of your brand, event, or service.

If you’d like to talk about how these trends can make your event cutting-edge, give us a call today!


The 6 Best Types Of Video For Successful Event Marketing

The 5 Best Types Of Video For Successful Event Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool to bring your event to life. This tactic works before your event for promotion and after as a way to keep people engaged. Here is a list of some of our favorite ways to use video for event marketing.

Before The Event

Here are some ways to start before your event takes place.

Best Event Marketing Videos #1: Send Valuable Videos To Your Email List

Attention is a hot commodity and we’re busier than ever before. Video captures attention almost effortlessly. According to Word Stream, One-third of online activity is spent watching video.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. You simply have to give your list something they actually benefit from. You also have to cut to the front of the line in their inboxes.

Create and share videos that truly educate people on why your event will make their lives better. Focus on how your event (and the video itself) benefits them, not you. When you cater to people, they’re far more likely to open your email marketing messages.

Best Event Marketing Videos #2: Personal Introductions or You Videos

Another excellent way to connect with potential event attendees is to show them who you are. Create personable video content identifying yourself to build a connection with people. When they see you or your staff in person, they already feel attracted to you and the goal of your event.

Examples of “You” Videos

A quick introduction and “look forward to seeing you there” video. This is the least valuable to the audience but still effective in connection building.

A How-to instructional video. These provide real value and introduce people to you and your brand. Can you show them how to do something that relates to your event?

An Interview. Speak with staff, management or event organizers on camera, asking questions that stress what the attendees (the viewer) will learn/gain/accomplish at the event.

Best Event Marketing Videos #3: Prize Promotion Videos

If it makes sense to hold a giveaway at your event or if a raffle or auction takes place during it, promote them with a video!

Make everyone is excited about the prizes or auction items by creating a high energy sizzle reel about it. You can engage your social media followers by offering them an incentive to share your video. Be sure to announce when the drawing, auction or prize announcement will occur. Doing it early can increase attendance at the start of your event.

During the Event

You and your event team will shoot video during your event for you to distribute later. Creating movies during the event is about creating or increasing your video marketing library.

Best Event Marketing Videos #4: Interview Industry Leaders

Conduct interviews for your YouTube channel, social media, and blogs. Ask industry influencers that stop by several questions about your field, and use video to distribute as a value video to your network as part of your marketing or fundraising strategy.

Best Event Marketing Videos #5: Testimonials

Gather sound bites during your event by prompting people to comment on your brand or organization. These are ideal for social media and also as a valuable part of your event recap video.

Best Event Marketing Videos #6: Event Recap Video

Event recap videos provide easy and quick video content that you can use to keep attendees engaged and gain new customers, donors, or future attendees. Event videos allow businesses to showcase their culture or effective business event.

Far too often, however, event videos mostly connect with people who already attended. While that is excellent for internal camaraderie, don’t overlook the opportunity to interact with a broader audience. This audience includes potential clients and talent.

Tell Stories

Weave narrative into your event recap video by pairing live footage, engaging music and testimonials or comments from leaders and attendees. You already have this footage on hand. Including interviews with additional text overlays and candid moments tells your viewers a story about your company and event.

Powerful And Brief

No matter how engaging your story is, shorter is generally better. Respect your audience’s time by artful editing.

Capitalize on Engagement

You have their attention, now it’s time for your ask. Determine what call-to-action is most in line with your goals and choose your language carefully. You’re motivating people to meet you halfway and take action that benefits you. This is like a soft ‘close’ and it’s very important.

Why Your Event Production Company Matters

If you’re looking for a professional event management and event rental business in the San Francisco area, give us a call! We would love to work with you to capture and create a compelling video about your organization and event.


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