Why You Should Leave A Review For Diamond Sonic

Why You Should Leave A Review For Diamond Sonic

Nothing motivates us quite like a good review except a bad one. In other words, we truly thrive on the feedback we receive from clients no matter what they have to say.

One of our goals for 2020 is to increase the number of reviews we receive and that’s why we’re talking about reviews today. However, we also think it’s important to make people aware that their reviews help people in the same position they’re in.

When you’re looking for an event vendor, trust is a massive factor. If you can read client reviews, you can make decisions with more confidence. Our next great client could be inspired by your review.

Why Reviews Matter

No matter how much information we try to provide to prospective clients, they know we have a vested interest. It’s much more natural for people to trust reviews left by clients we’ve already worked with. If you’re a former client, you have first-hand knowledge to share and no reason to lie.

Of course, we’re not lying either, but it’s hard for people to know that until they work with us!

So not only does your review really matter to us, but it also matters to other people in your exact position.

How Reviews Help Us

In addition to everything we just said, reviews help us because they illustrate that we did a good enough job to motivate someone to spend time commenting on it. That goes above mediocre or good-enough service and rises to excellent service in our eyes.

Your review fosters trust between Diamond Sonic and clients we haven’t worked with yet. That’s huge.

People tend to leave reviews when an experience is really great or horrible and not in between.

Furthermore, if you’ve had a negative experience with us, we hope you’ll let us know directly. We aren’t discouraging you from leaving a review as well. However, it’s important to us that we have a chance to make it right with you directly.

How To Leave A Review For Diamond Sonic

If you want to leave us a review you can do that in two places – either helps us and others! Our Yelp page is a great place to leave a review of our working experience together. You can also leave a review through our local Google Maps listing.

Where To Find Our Reviews

We’ve highlighted some testimonials on our home page so it’s easy to see client feedback. If you’re on the fence about which company to trust with your event, check out the scrolling graphic toward the bottom of our home page for some valuable feedback.

A Huge Thank You For Taking Time To Leave A Review For Diamond Sonic

Since we’re talking about reviews, we want to give a big thanks to anyone who has already taken the time to post their thoughts about our relationship! We absolutely crave the feedback. It helps us give better service and truly understand where you’re coming from as an event professional. That’s key for us.


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What’s The Best Way To Live Stream Events?

What’s The Best Way To Live Stream Events?

Our last post encouraged event planners to transition their conferences and gatherings to live streaming. It’s timely because the event industry is trying to weather the storm of the coronavirus right now. However, live streaming is a valid option for event professionals no matter what’s happening in the world.

In fact, even if you have physical attendees, you can increase your reach by simultaneously live streaming your event. In addition to increasing your overall attendance, you could increase revenue or charitable donations through livestreaming.

Other livestreaming benefits include a wealth of content to repurpose later, making it easy for employees to attend training, and gaining email addresses for your lists through signups.

What’s the best way to live stream your events? Let’s talk about some crucial details.

Can I Live Stream Events Myself?

If you ask your hairstylist if you could color your own hair, they might technically have to say yes. It’s possible to color your hair at home, however, you lack the skill and equipment available to a professional. We feel similarly about livestreaming.

Our first concern for livestream DIYers is power. Do you have reliable enough connections to a strong internet conduit? We don’t recommend running a live stream through wifi because signal quality changes and interference is commonplace.

These hitches could leave your guests stuck in a buffering nightmare and that’s not great for brand PR.

Another thing that affects the quality of your livestream is your equipment. Your mobile device is acceptable for shooting some social media videos but isn’t set up to broadcast continuous, high-quality video and audio. The last thing you want is for your stream to look like amateur hour.

Can I Turn My Event Into A Livestream?

Yes, you can add livestreaming to your event or turn a conventional event into a live stream only production. It takes some quick thinking if your date is close, but it can be done. We are happy to offer a higher level of service to event clients who want to incorporate live streaming.

This means we’re willing to work with you and offer advice about your next steps on a case-by-case basis. We already have all of the best equipment to broadcast your conference or gathering, so the rest of the planning is largely about logistics.

Our experience can help you prepare.

By the way, we love to recommend that people add live streaming to increase capacity if their event sells out, too. We don’t think enough people consider this.

Can I Live Stream A Small Event?

You can live stream events of any size. Although many people live stream large conferences, this format is ideal for company training or donor updates as well. There is no limit to how large or small your audience is. Instead, the decision to live stream is about convenience, inclusivity, and the ability to fully review your event later.

Being able to watch your event back is a great way to access its success. Also, don’t forget you or your marketing team will end up with a lot of content to use in campaigns and on social media.

What’s The Best Way To Live Stream Events? Call A Professional!

We really can’t stress the importance of working with a professional livestreaming team enough. If you try to do it yourself, the level of stress you might experience is really not worth it. We can come up with a plan that fits your budget and might increase your attendance at the same time.

We’re actively taking inquiries about live streaming so don’t hesitate to call for a quote today.

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Live Streaming Events At The Last Minute

Live Streaming Events In the SF Bay Area At The Last Minute

If you’re in the difficult position of watching your live event plans fold in the wake of the coronavirus, don’t panic. You do have another option: live streaming. Whether you’re holding a business meeting, conference, presentation or any other type of event, we can help you go digital.

Choosing to stream your event greatly reduces coronavirus exposure risk which is the most important concern. However, it also preserves your hard work by enabling you to run your event, simply inviting your guests to log in remotely. Guests can sign in using a number of web applications, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and more. The most important aspect to remember is that quality can suffer if it is not streamed correctly.

Live Streaming Events Requires The Right Equipment

We are poised to help with this unique situation facing the world. We’re live streaming pros with all of the necessary equipment to digitize your vision.

Whether you are in San Francisco, the East Bay, Palo Alto or San Jose – one thread remains the same. You need the right gear if you want your stream to look professional. Simply having your keynote speaker at home in front of a webcam will not inspire or bring about the confidence that your brand requires.

Most computers suffer from very low-quality webcams, even the latest 2020 Apple computers. This is because they suffer from data constraints on low bandwidth cables.

In order to achieve a professional look, you need high-quality cinema cameras, professional lighting, and proper microphones. You also need a fast and reliable internet connection, that is not based on Wi-Fi, but rather a physical ethernet cable.

Whichever company you book to help you with live streaming, ensure that their equipment is up to modern and professional standards, to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable live stream experience that will make your guests feel like they are really “in the room.”

Don’t Cancel Your Event Because Of The Coronavirus

If there’s any way to help you avoid a full cancellation, we’re dedicated to the task. This goes for existing clients with events already on our calendar and potential new clients scrambling for solutions.

It may be disappointing to have to forego getting everyone together, but it keeps your audience and presenters safe. Additionally, you can ensure that information is properly communicated and disseminated amongst your team without putting them at undue risk through livestreaming.

If you’re also having venue problems, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can look for solutions, as we have many venue partners in San Francisco, the Peninsula, the North Bay and more. We can assemble a “skeleton crew” of the presenters, in-house team and AV team that dramatically lowers the risk that would happen in a full-blown live event. Furthermore, we can all work diligently to wipe down equipment, surfaces, microphones and maintain a clean, sanitary work environment.

Together we can get through this and at the same time help you create content that can be re-shared, re-hosted and used for further internal or external uses down the road. There are definitely un-intended benefits to capturing a professional meeting production!

How To Find A Livestreaming Event Vendor In San Francisco And Beyond

If you’re within our reach in California, we urge you to give us a call right away. We’re working around the clock to accommodate the needs of professional clients. This goes for new clients and of course those we have an existing relationship with. We look forward to working together on this!

If you’re outside the San Francisco Bay Area area, we encourage you to search for live streaming event vendors near you, or still get in touch if you prefer! Our team has traveled from California to New York to help companies with live streaming services over the past several years.

Don’t Panic

We echo the sentiment of health experts who are cautioning all of us to remain calm during this trying time. Remember the tips they’ve shared, which include frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your face when out in public. Avoid unnecessary handshakes, and perhaps deploy the classic “bow” technique from our brothers and sisters in the east.

We know this is serious, and we’d like to help. Regardless of whether you choose Diamond Sonic or another vendor, we are just thankful that you are taking the right steps to keep everyone safe.

Live streaming feels so much more productive than watching so many of our clients and colleagues pull the plug on their events. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to provide free consultations on any upcoming event plans you may have.


Run Of Show – A Vital Component Of Successful Events

Run Of Show – A Vital Component Of Successful Events

This technical term is something that event planners and anyone hiring an event team must be familiar with to ensure optimal success. We want to educate you about this term today so you can take a proactive approach. With a proper run of show, your vendors will have a detailed, big-picture view of what to expect.

Planning is crucial! We can’t control everything, but we need to anticipate as much as possible to make sure your event is as awesome as your initial concept.

What Is A Run Of Show?

The term run of show refers to a very detailed roadmap of everything that you’ve scheduled for your event. It walks all the vendors and fellow planners through your vision.

It’s a sequence of events within your event and you share this document to make sure everyone is on the same page. You might also hear this called a ‘rundown,’ ‘show flow,’ ‘cue sheet,’ or ‘event rundown.’

The terms are interchangeable.

Your cue sheet or rundown must detail everything happening both on and off stage. That means it includes the behind the scenes stuff as well as what your guests will see specifically.

Why Do You Need A Rundown?

It’s probably fairly obvious why you need one of these event maps. It leaves very little to chance. It removes any assumptions between you and your team and, instead, clearly defines expectations.

It helps vendors prepare and deliver the appropriate gear, plan out their staffing needs, and also helps planners visualize how the event will progress. It’s good for you and your team.

Having a run of show doesn’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong, but it does put you in the best position to avoid problems. It particularly protects against accidental omissions or miscommunications.

Creating A Run Of Show

Your event vendors might have a run of show template that they like to use, so ask them if they want to provide a framework for you. If you want to create the document yourself, you can use whatever format feels natural to you.

This might be something created in a spreadsheet, something that looks like a flow chart, or a simple table that lists times in one column and activities in another beside it.

Check out an example at A Google image search or regular search for ‘run of show template’ will also provide more visuals and even templates for you to work with.

As you fill out your rundown, mentally experience your event. Visualize the experience first from your perspective and then from a guest’s point of view. This will help you catch any things you may have missed.

It’s a great idea to go over your cue sheet with your vendors in a meeting if possible. This way, you can talk about any issues they see or clarify things as needed.

Here’s To A Smooth Event!

This little piece of the event planner’s toolkit will help anyone who is hosting an event. You want to crush this and deliver the best experience possible to your company, your guests, and yourself.

We hope this helped you in your journey toward great future events.



Event Lighting – Why Great Lighting Is Important For Corporate Events

Event Lighting – Let’s Talk About It!

Unless you’re a lighting tech, you might underestimate the real importance of choosing the right options for your event. Today we want to discuss why event lighting is so important. We encourage you to consult with your professional lighting vendor and to keep these points in mind while doing so.

Your goal is to hold a memorable event that pleases your guests or delivers value to them. You also want to ensure you meet any goals for the event. These goals may including fundraising or a particular type of networking. Finally, you want to walk away from the event with content you can use and repurpose.

Gleaning useful content after your event drives up the value for you and the company. Additionally, it makes future projects easier especially for marketing, outreach, and fundraising efforts.

Here’s how lighting factors into these goals.

Event Lighting Sets A Vibe

We’ve all heard the term ‘mood lighting’ and it’s often used for good reason. Lights and sound help set the tone and emotional environment at your event. You can coax your guests into certain responses and even promote certain behaviors with the right environment.

Lighting plays a huge role in setting this emotional tone. It can inspire people to be more social. Conversely, it can create a relaxing environment for people. The right lighting can establish incredible places for selfies that promote your brand for free.

A combination of all of these options can establish different tones in different rooms. This is particularly helpful during long events that may span several days. Guests might appreciate a brightly lit space to review the information they’ve learned. Alternatively, they might appreciate soft lighting in a bar area to help them get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

Event Lighting Supports Your Photographer And Videographer

Your on-site media team is going to really appreciate the time you spend on thoughtful lighting. It will make their shots more compelling in post-production. It also helps convey a real sensation of being there to people who view these deliverables after the event.

Lighting can even inspire these professionals to focus on certain areas during the event. This could be the key to capturing a million-dollar shot.

Lights And Music

If your event features music in any significant way, the lights can compliment this. It’s especially important if there are any live performances occurring during your event. Performers must be showcased correctly and proper lighting is essential to ensure this.

Just like lighting in different rooms establishes different moods, your music intensifies this effect. Combining the two creates true ambiance.

Is this one of the reasons you’ll find many full-service event vendors specialize in both lighting and sound? It makes sense, doesn’t it? The two are linked!

Event Lighting Deserves Its Due

The next time you meet with a lighting tech or event services company to discuss an event plan, focus on lighting. Empower them to be creative and together, you’ll establish a unique set of lighting that compliments your event perfectly.


How To Repurpose Corporate Content

How To Repurpose Corporate Content

The old business adage ‘time is money’ may sound tired, but it’s still valuable. Today, we’re talking about that idea in conjunction with your company’s digital footprint.

A brand’s online presence is extremely powerful and drives sales. Reputation is increasingly important to consumers. Your website and social media profiles are a vehicle to express your values and corporate personality.

But… What Do I Post?

That all sounds great and even exciting to a lot of marketing teams. The trouble is, it takes a huge amount of content to drive these digital profiles. You have to keep them active, fresh, and on-brand. If customers sense you’re phoning in your efforts, your reputation takes a nosedive.

Even worse, they see you as out of touch with their interests and the world.

Don’t panic. You can manage your social media on a budget.

One of the easiest ways to simplify your digital marketing efforts is to adeptly repurpose content you already have. You spent time and probably money to create it. Therefore, if you leverage it right, you’re actually coming out ahead.

Here are some suggestions we have and how companies like ours can help.

Repurpose Corporate Content: Run Video And Hire Editors

Anytime your company does something worth noting, get someone to film it. This includes behind the scenes moments during commercial shoots, energized moments at team meetings, eureka moments in product development and corporate giving opportunities.

You’re already doing these activities during your normal course of business. Your customers will appreciate seeing the inner workings of your company. People love exclusive content because it brims with relatable moments.

Ok, so maybe you don’t have to film everything, but start seeing normal business activities as a potential social media moment. This is especially true during corporate events from conferences to social gatherings.

Chopping And Changing

The second part of this tip requires a relationship with an editor. We think it’s most effective to hire a videographer to shoot your footage in the first place as well as edit it after the fact. If you establish a long-term relationship with this company or individual, they have a wide breadth of your content to pull from for future projects.

You can ask them to repurpose existing content in a variety of ways and they already have the footage on hand or have a familiarity with it. They also have an understanding of your corporate persona.

Repurpose Corporate Content: Photography

Want to maximize your spend even more? Ask for some still shots in tandem with your video services. By doing this, you’ll have an incredible amount of original, branded content to use in your marketing, training and commercial materials.

Establish a dropbox or external storage depository that different teams within your company can access. This gives them a one-stop-shop for the content they may need during campaigns or other events.

Repurpose Corporate Content: Written Content

Are you blogging or microblogging on social media? You’ll need photos to accompany those posts. Upload your interesting corporate videos and link between your profiles to build online authority and provide more value to your audience.

In fact, a picture or video can provide inspiration for written content by serving as the basis for a blog or the text of a post. Guests speakers at events can be transcribed and released as blogs, ebooks, and even notable quotations to crush your Instagram game.

The Big Picture

Ultimately, we want you to start thinking about your content as the lifeblood of your business. Maximizing the take from every effort will keep your digital outreach strong without costing you an arm and a leg.

Inbound marketing is already infinitely more affordable than traditional marketing. Stretch your budget even further with creative content repurposing.

We’re big fans of social media and we understand the mechanics of inbound marketing. This helps us create a variety of deliverables that meet clients’ needs. If you already have content you need repurposed or want us to shoot your next event, contact us today!



The Ins And Outs Of Conference Audio – Explaining What We Do

All About Conference Audio

In the world of corporate events, conferences are on a level all their own. These types of gatherings require incredible planning. There are speakers to organize and schedule, vendors to book (that’s where we come in), venues to scrutinize and attendance bookings to manage.

Conferences bring people together from many parts of the world or unite colleges from extended locations within a single company. They generally center on a theme and a variety of experts and company representatives will prepare speeches to give to the audience.

Hearing these speakers is a huge reason people attend in the first place. It’s vital that the experience runs smoothly.

We are here today to explain a little about how we get your message out, loud and clear.

Conference Audio Checklist

As soon as we consult with a client about providing conference audio services, we secure the date and ask detailed questions about the venue. By understanding the location of the event, we can anticipate the type of equipment necessary.

We take potential interference into account. We also review the number of speakers that may hold talks simultaneously and the physical distance between their locations. These details inform our approach.

Another important consideration we review is whether the event will stream live. This raises a host of new logistical challenges but offers valuable exposure for our clients. Remote attendees expect a high level of quality, especially if they are paying to watch the live stream.

While this merely touches on some of our planning, we also take the time to plot out our logistics. This includes the equipment we plan to use, how we will transport it to the venue and the staff we need at the event.

The Diamond Sonic Client Experience

Our goal is to take the lead on the audio side of your event so you can focus on other things. You’re providing an experience to your attendees, and we match that energy.

Our approach and demeanor are friendly and accessible but always professional. We hope our staff can impart positivity and competency because we understand that we’re a representative of your organization and brand while we’re on site.

We love to plan, but also pride ourselves on being able to react in the moment. Together, we can pivot and troubleshoot to bring your guests a memorable experience. The most important thing we can do is make sure all the tools are available to empower you to deliver your message to your conference attendees.

In some cases, we can offer pre-visualization space or make ourselves available to provide services at your venue for a dress rehearsal. We know it’s often important for clients to see their presentations in motion before the curtain lifts on event night. Your pre-event planning is one of the main keys to your success.

Conference Audio Questions?

If you have any questions at all about audio services for your next corporate event or conference, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also contact us through the web form on this site.

We value every opportunity to provide next-level service to a new client. We’re confident that once we work together, we’ll see each other again soon for your next professional event.


4 Innovative Corporate Christmas Party Tips

Innovative Corporate Christmas Party Tips

How satisfied are you with your corporate Christmas party planning this year? It’s difficult to keep things fresh. However, if you avoid falling into the same old routines, your coworkers will get more out of this festive way to say ‘thanks.’

Office holiday parties are a time to show appreciation for your work family. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers and the last thing we want is to obligate them to a holiday party that feels like a chore. Innovation is the key!

You can find a middle ground between formal festivities and an open bar bender on the company dime. Here are some tips from our experience working Christmas parties for clients in San Francisco over the last several years.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 1: Hire A Professional DJ

As self-serving as this first tip may sound, music can make or break a party. It’s the same for corporate holiday parties. The right DJ will keep the atmosphere jolly and give guests something to relate over.

Some holiday standards should make an appearance. Your guests may also want to make requests. Not only do professional DJs have an extensive music selection on hand, they have all the equipment to make sure the sound is on point.

You could handle the music yourself or skip it altogether, but why stress about something when you could mingle with your office fam instead? Plus, are you really sure you’re comfortable and confident about hooking your phone up to the venue sound system?

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 2: It’s Food Time

Because most holiday parties mix supervisors and colleges with alcohol, food is a must. Feeding your guests insures against next-day regret.

A sit-down meal isn’t necessary. Substantial h’ordeuvres will do just fine. If you do want to offer more than picking food, opt for something like a pasta bar that gives everyone what they like in a buffet style.

A small touch like a good meal with a casual format will really make your guests feel appreciated.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 3: Raffle Off Centerpieces

Holiday bonuses are great but they’re so impersonal. If you choose to incorporate some live plants into your event centerpieces, you can raffle them off at the end of the night. Houseplants are very popular right now and they’re a gift your coworkers can enjoy for years.

Holiday cacti are an obvious choice. For the next several yule seasons, the recipient will think fondly of the company as the plant erupts in blooms.

Other ideas for centerpiece giveaways include candy, festive decorations, amaryllis flowers, and even small artificial Christmas trees.

Corporate Christmas Party Tip 4: Pick An Unexpected Venue

You don’t have to hold your party in a banquet hall. In fact, many museums or artist collectives also host events. Nature conservatories, tipsy painting studios, zoos, and majestic, local historical sites can be amazing venues.

If you can’t sort out a location with fun activities or sights built-in, consider inviting someone who hosts corporate activities to hold a demonstration. Maybe your guests would like to make holiday cookies, receive holiday-themed face painting, paint a seasonal picture, or get crafty together to make gifts.

If you have a talent you want to share with your coworkers this season, hold a short activity seminar yourself! Any type of group activity is a team-building exercise and gives people something to show off in the photo booth.

Of course, you should rent a photo booth!

Be Creative With This Year’s Holiday Party!

Overall, remember your corporate Christmas party should be fun and feel warm. That holiday glow is in the air and it’s the perfect time to show your colleagues that you care.


The Best Way To Use Video To Increase Sales

This Is The Easiest Way To Use Video To Increase Sales

We love talking about video and how it fits into your business strategy for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s our passion. It makes up a huge portion of the work we do for clients. Another reason we love talking about this subject is that it’s a low-cost way for you to get your message out to a huge audience.

The crux of the conversation today is all about inbound marketing and how video fits into your strategy. Inbound marketing is very effective, extremely easy and intuitive to understand, and simple to implement. It’s worth hiring an inbound expert as your marketing consultant if you want to reap the full benefits of this approach.

However, if you’re just getting started or don’t have the budget for that, this article will get you on the path to inbound success.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

According to Hubspot, one of the leading authorities on the topic:

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t want, inbound marketing forms connections they’re looking for and solves problems they already have.

In other words, when you create your inbound content, think about what the audience needs not what you need. The more you actually help them, the more comfortable they’ll be with you. This means they’ll think positively about you and be more willing to buy your products and services.

Helping your audience also establishes authority in a completely seamless way. It doesn’t feel like you’re trying, it feels like you’re a friend sharing knowledge. This is extremely powerful, especially in today’s saturated online space.

How To Use Video To Increase Sales

The easiest way to use video to increase sales is to create targeted, useful content and distribute it across all of your digital channels. That means you’ll be using a single piece of video content on your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other platform you use.

Experts can tell you how to use lead magnets and landing pages to move your audience through your marketing funnel from awareness to a sale. The great news is that you don’t have to go that far just to make corporate video work for you.

Choosing The Perfect Video To Increase Sales With Inbound Marketing

Because video is such an important aspect of business today, there are many videography businesses like ours that offer studio space for you to film in. They’ll lend you a professional videographer to take the video as well as the space to shoot in.

You need to come prepared with a script and a concept, however. Some companies choose to pay a marketer or a freelance writer to come up with this content for them. If you want to make the content yourself, however, keep these things in mind.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Think about who you’re selling most of your product or service to. Pretend you’re talking to them with your video.

What Problem Does Your Ideal Customer Have?

Where does your product and your customer’s problems intersect? This area gives you insight into what you can talk about in your video.

How Can You Help Your Customer Solve That Problem Without Selling Your Product?

This is the trickiest part. Let’s use an example.

If you sell upscale raincoats and understand that your biggest customer demographic is young professionals, think about some weather-related issues young professionals might face. For instance, you could make a short explainer video about how to care for luxury weather gear. Perhaps a film about how to choose the right raincoat for your job would be interesting.

Entertainment is valuable too, so making a film ranking the top 10 rainiest metropolitan areas in the country or world could elicit clicks.

Once your video enters a potential customer’s awareness, they may click on your page or check out your wares. Try to get them to sign your mailing list after they watch your video if you can.

Shoot It And Share It!

If you think a video could boost your inbound marketing strategy and sales, just write it, shoot it and share it! Reach out to other professionals like writers, marketers and a videographer that can host and shoot your film for you for help.

Maybe the people you collaborate with on the project will share your video with their audiences as well. Imagine the views rolling in!


Event Services For Corporate Theme Parties

Event Services For Corporate Theme Parties

Corporate theme parties are a great way to add a little creativity to your fundraising or team-building strategy. It’s easy to fall into a mindset that favors formal events. However, if you want your guests to establish relationships and remember your event, try going casual.

Since we are on the heels of Halloween, this feels like a great time to talk about incorporating a corporate theme party. Your event services team can help you add some finishing touches to your plan. We’ll talk about some basic ideas here and we encourage you to continue the discussion with your vendors.

Corporate Theme Parties Are Fun

The first obvious benefit of throwing a theme party for your business is that it’s fun! Even if you decide to keep the event formal, adding a theme establishes cohesion. It gives you and your guests a focus.

Having this focus can drive your event to new places. For instance, masquerade events have a long history that rises from the balls royalty once held. This means that event planners can dress this kind of party up or down as needed.

They have a luxurious feel when guests don custom masks. Conversely, they’re casual and comfortable when they revolve around a simple Halloween theme. Your light and sound vendors can probably help out with some fun additions like a fog machine and color-coordinated lights.

Your guests will participate and remember more if they’re having fun at your event. Because of this, a theme party can make an impression.

Before we move on, don’t forget about theme parties like “80s Night” which don’t involve costumes, per se, but do encourage people to dress the part.

Corporate Theme Parties Can Inspire Action

Sometimes, picking a different kind of theme is the best for your goals. If you’re fundraising, perhaps establishing a ‘gratitude’ theme is a good idea. It will give you a focal point to use when conceptualizing speakers, events within your event, and even your promotional materials.

All of this helps your guests think more deeply about why they’ve gathered together. That can inspire more involvement and more generous giving.

Theme Parties Force You Outside Of Your Mental Box

If you’re worried that your events are becoming stale, a theme of any type will reinspire your creativity! Jump over to Pinterest and elsewhere online to see what others have done and expand on their ideas. Theme events are easy to search for.

A great brainstorming tool is to do some free association with lists or diagrams like mind maps. Let your inspiration run wild and branch off your theme to come up with truly unique approaches.

Choosing The Right Event Services Team For Corporate Theme Parties

When you’re brainstorming ways to drive your theme home, ask your light and sound vendors for their ideas. They have the benefit of attending a huge number of events in the course of their job. They also know exactly what equipment they have that could create the ambiance you need.

Your video and photography team can also help keep your theme on track. Their input will show in your post event deliverables like videos and photos. You’ll use these in your social media and future marketing campaigns so it’s worth exploring ways to improve the final product.

If you’re holding an event in the San Francisco Area, get in touch with us to find out how we can enhance your theme events!



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