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How Important Is DJ Insurance: The Risks Of Hiring An Uninsured DJ

How Important Is DJ Insurance: The Risks Of Hiring An Uninsured DJ

Insurance doesn’t sound that fun, but it’s an essential part of your successful party or event. If your DJ and lighting professionals aren’t insured, you’re at risk for serious liability.

This information applies to business functions as well as weddings, and private events. Additionally, we’re focusing on DJs, but your photographers, videographers, and other event vendors should also carry insurance!

DJ Insurance: Are All DJs Insured?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You can’t assume your DJ is insured because there are a number of reasons they may not carry insurance. First of all, many very competent DJs primarily perform in bars, venues, and nightclubs that already carry their own insurance policies. In this case, they may not need their own additional coverage.

If these types of DJs start transitioning into corporate events and weddings, they could lack vital insurance and not even know it.

This is an excellent reason you should ask your event vendors about their experience in detail. Opt for professionals with experience that relates to your event. Has this DJ done many weddings? Are they comfortable with corporate environments? These are important things to know because they impact how attentive you need to be versus letting your seasoned professional vendor take the lead.

DJ Insurance: Uninsured And Underinsured DJs And Potential Liability

Frankly, it is an enormous liability to work with an inadequately insured DJ. While your event could go start to finish with zero problems, there is always a chance the sound or lighting equipment could injure one of your guests. Personal injury claims result in lawsuits and while that’s usually where insurance kicks in. If your DJ is uninsured you could be at risk.

Prevention is far better than remedy in this kind of situation.

DJ Insurance: Uninsured And Underinsured DJs And Venue Problems

Although less serious than a lawsuit, there is another potential risk you face if you work with an uninsured DJ. If your venue asks for a Certificate of Insurance from any of your vendors and they can’t provide one, the venue could bar their entry.¬†Because an underinsured DJ puts both you and the venue at risk, many professional locations won’t allow vendors to work an event without proof of proper coverage.

Imagine finding out you have no DJ or lighting hours before your event. Not an ideal situation!

DJ Insurance: Worker’s Comp?

In addition to liability insurance, many venues require proof of Worker’s Comp coverage. This is definitely the case in California where we’re located.

Worker’s Comp insurance safeguards the venue from claims if a vendor hurts themselves during the event. Your venue doesn’t want to be responsible for the medical costs associated with work accidents for 3rd party vendors. For this reason, they may require your vendors to hold and provide proof that they’re adequately insured for liability and comp.

DJ Insurance: The Takeaway Is Insurance Is Vital!

We encounter clients every day that lack this crucial piece of knowledge and it makes a big difference. While we carry ample insurance in every required area, not everyone does. If you’re doing business elsewhere, please make sure you’re protected. Just ask to see proof of insurance from your DJ before booking.

Best of luck with your event! If you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to explore our competitive pricing.



Don’t Throw Another Outdoor Event Until You Read This!

Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake With Your Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event requires a lot of foresight. You have to understand your guests’ needs, factor in any business that needs to happen and find the right professionals to handle your sound and lighting. There are usually also rentals involved. You’ll need the proper equipment to ensure your outdoor event runs successfully.

Outdoor Event Disaster? – The Most Important Thing Is What You Forgot

Because details are so important with both corporate and social events, the most important thing is sometimes what you forgot. A glaring oversight can derail your otherwise perfectly planned event.

Your sound and lighting professionals can help you with the necessary rentals and give you advice about the equipment you need.

In our experience, one of the most crucially overlooked pieces of equipment for outdoor events is a generator.

Is it the most glamorous party item? Certainly not. It will quickly stand out as the most important thing you forgot, however. It stands between you and the proper power to run all of your other equipment.

Outdoor Event Power: What Is A Generator?

A generator is an external power source that may act as a primary or backup power supply. The one at your outdoor event could take quite a heavy load depending on the number of lights and your sound needs.

A generator … converts mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators often use motors, turbines, engines, cranks, pistons, or other sources of mechanical energy. Likewise, generators may use chemicals or other materials that produce electricity when mixed or ignited. Generators do not produce electricity itself, but simply produce a flow of electricity by forcing electrons from an external source to flow through an electrical circuit. Generators are used for a wide variety of purposes and are available in many different forms. – Tech-Faq

As you can see, without a generator as a primary or backup source, you could be left in the silent darkness, without climate control, and with no way to entertain your guests.

Outdoor Event Power: What Is The Right Type Of Generator?

Multi-circuit, inverter-style, pull-behind generators are often the best for events with a DJ. The sound equipment draws too much power for most non-inverter style generators.

A general rule is to choose a generator with twice the power you need. The same goes for the fuel tank. Choose a generator with enough fuel capacity to run your equipment for twice as long as your event runs.

We’re happy to talk with you about the details and specifics as we help you plan the audiovisual portion of your event. We offer event rentals and will give whatever advice we can about any equipment you need to find elsewhere.

If you are booked with another lighting, DJ, videography or photography business, bring the power issue up. Ask them their thoughts on what you need to secure for a successful event.

A Personal Note And Cautionary Tale

This blog is a PSA to help you avoid something that breaks our heart: event planners left in a lurch. We recently experienced a client’s pain during an event when insufficient power really tied our hands. While we felt terrible, there isn’t much we can do to help once the event is underway.

This inspired us to share this tip with all our readers in the hopes that you avoid this potential pitfall. Awareness is the first step!

Please share it with someone who could also use the info.


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