Event Lighting – Why Great Lighting Is Important For Corporate Events

Event Lighting – Why Great Lighting Is Important For Corporate Events

Event Lighting – Let’s Talk About It!

Unless you’re a lighting tech, you might underestimate the real importance of choosing the right options for your event. Today we want to discuss why event lighting is so important. We encourage you to consult with your professional lighting vendor and to keep these points in mind while doing so.

Your goal is to hold a memorable event that pleases your guests or delivers value to them. You also want to ensure you meet any goals for the event. These goals may including fundraising or a particular type of networking. Finally, you want to walk away from the event with content you can use and repurpose.

Gleaning useful content after your event drives up the value for you and the company. Additionally, it makes future projects easier especially for marketing, outreach, and fundraising efforts.

Here’s how lighting factors into these goals.

Event Lighting Sets A Vibe

We’ve all heard the term ‘mood lighting’ and it’s often used for good reason. Lights and sound help set the tone and emotional environment at your event. You can coax your guests into certain responses and even promote certain behaviors with the right environment.

Lighting plays a huge role in setting this emotional tone. It can inspire people to be more social. Conversely, it can create a relaxing environment for people. The right lighting can establish incredible places for selfies that promote your brand for free.

A combination of all of these options can establish different tones in different rooms. This is particularly helpful during long events that may span several days. Guests might appreciate a brightly lit space to review the information they’ve learned. Alternatively, they might appreciate soft lighting in a bar area to help them get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

Event Lighting Supports Your Photographer And Videographer

Your on-site media team is going to really appreciate the time you spend on thoughtful lighting. It will make their shots more compelling in post-production. It also helps convey a real sensation of being there to people who view these deliverables after the event.

Lighting can even inspire these professionals to focus on certain areas during the event. This could be the key to capturing a million-dollar shot.

Lights And Music

If your event features music in any significant way, the lights can compliment this. It’s especially important if there are any live performances occurring during your event. Performers must be showcased correctly and proper lighting is essential to ensure this.

Just like lighting in different rooms establishes different moods, your music intensifies this effect. Combining the two creates true ambiance.

Is this one of the reasons you’ll find many full-service event vendors specialize in both lighting and sound? It makes sense, doesn’t it? The two are linked!

Event Lighting Deserves Its Due

The next time you meet with a lighting tech or event services company to discuss an event plan, focus on lighting. Empower them to be creative and together, you’ll establish a unique set of lighting that compliments your event perfectly.

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