Buyer beware – does your corporate event DJ have insurance?

Buyer beware – does your corporate event DJ have insurance?

Does your corporate event DJ have insurance?

We wanted to bring up a topic here on the blog that is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to hire a DJ or A/V vendor. (By the way, this applies not only to corporate events and DJ’s – but also weddings, private events as well as photographers, videographers, etc.)

Does My DJ Have Insurance? – The Disturbing Truth

It’s come to our attention that a great many DJ’s out there are currently un-insured or under-insured. Many of them are used to performing in nightclubs and venues where they are not responsible for providing insurance. Perhaps they have only recently made the transition to doing corporate events or weddings, as a way to earn a few bucks on the side.

Does My DJ Have Insurance? – Liability And Injury

While that may be all well and good, it’s a HUGE liability to you if you decide to hire a vendor DJ who lacks or has inadequate insurance coverage. Maybe you can do the event anyway and get away with it. But maybe, just maybe, a speaker falls on someone mid-event and causes serious injury (or even death) what then? Do you think the average DJ has enough money in the bank to be responsible for covering the cost on their own?

Does My DJ Have Insurance? – No COI, No Load In

Perhaps a less severe – but still extremely annoying circumstance would be that the DJ shows up to the venue to unload sound and the venue asks to see their COI (Certificate Of Insurance) – naming them as additional insured. Well if the DJ can’t provide the correct documentation then guess what? They will not be allowed to setup or perform on the premises. Now, what do you do? Your event starts in 2 hours and you have no DJ and no sound.

Does My DJ Have Insurance? – What About Worker’s Comp?

In addition, many venues will also require proof of Worker’s Comp coverage – definitely in the State of California. This coverage helps to protect the venue from liability in case the DJ (photographer, videographer, etc) accidentally hurts themselves in the process of setting up for your event. Venue’s do NOT want to be liable for medical bills related to work injuries for 3rd party vendors, and so they typically require the vendor to provide their own coverage.

Does My DJ Have Insurance? – Insurance Is Professional Peace Of Mind

Many clients we’ve spoken with are unaware of the importance of securing a vendor with adequate coverage. Don’t make this vital mistake which could potentially ruin your big day.

We have full coverage here at Diamond Sonic and, frankly, we believe anyone you work with should. Don’t settle for less in this area because it’s so important.

Thanks for reading, see you next week for more useful tips!

-Team Diamond Sonic

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