How to make the Perfect Playlist for a Wedding

How to make the Perfect Playlist for a Wedding


Getting married is an intimate ritual, so if anyone asks you to create a playlist for the special day – it’s an enormous honor!

But how does one make the perfect playlist for a wedding reception? You could always look for popular wedding songs online, but if you want to take this responsibility seriously, you need to keep reading.

4 Basics to make the perfect playlist for a wedding

1) Mix things up: Let’s face it, listening to the same kind of music for hours can be tiresome.

As you’re collecting songs, think about all the different kinds of people attending, and aim to please them with your selection.

Even if it’s a themed wedding, make sure to keep everyone guessing and excited.

2) Keep moments in mind: Every event goes through different moods as each minute goes by, so you should prepare a series of songs for specific moments that are likely to happen.

For example, you could start with mellow, romantic, near-acoustic songs as everyone enters the room. Afterward, you can bring all the party jams to make people dance.

3) Do your research: Take your time to get to know the, soon to be, husband and wife. Ask them which songs remind them of their first kiss, the day or night they met, or about the tunes they dedicated to each other.

Another thing to consider is their age:

What were the biggest hits during their high school and college years? Was there a popular theme song from their childhood?

You can also get in touch with bridesmaids, the best man, friends and family for suggestions. After all, you can know a lot about a person (or two) through the things that other people say about them.

4) Go with the flow: Don’t be afraid to change your plans and improvise as you’re “DJing” for the couple.

Look for reactions to know how the guests are receiving your music, and what the overall vibe is.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to make people have a great time, their opinion is key!

However, if you want to become a professional DJ, we recommend reading these tips and tricks by Dubspot.


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