5 Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Video

5 Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Video

The desire for the perfect wedding video is completely understandable! We’ve all seen those wedding videos that didn’t turn out quite like the bride and groom hoped.  You can avoid that entirely and capture the sweetest moments of your big day, when you hire an exceptional film maker. There are just a few key elements to look for that can help ensure the process is a success from start to finish.

  1. Make sure the videographer is included in the early drafts of your budget. Much like your photographer, your videographer is going to cost a little bit of money. The average Bay Area videographer charges approximately $3000 for six to eight hours of filming. If your heart is set on having video footage (and it should be), make sure you are budgeting appropriately. You get what you pay for and your cousin, Charley may not be the smartest option.  You only get married once!
  2. Get references.  Chances are your photographer has worked with a videographer previously. Ask who they prefer to work with or who they suggest. Your wedding planner may know someone as well. It narrows down the list of potential people greatly.  
  3. Ask to see previous footage. When interviewing your videographer, ask to see some of the stuff they’ve done before. This way, you can see what their previous work looks like. You can get a feel for how your video is going to produced and shot. Every videographer has a different style; you want to pick one that best fits your wants and needs.
  4. Discuss, discuss, discuss. Talk to your videographer about what you exactly want. Lay out all of the details for them. If you have a particular song you want included, let them know. If you do not give them all of your visions, they may not come true.
  5. Relax. Once the big day comes, relax. Don’t micromanage. You have hired professionals to take care of you and your ceremony. As long as you have chatted with your videographer about what exactly you are envisioning, there’s no need to stress.


Kick off your heels; loosen your tie. And, let the cameras roll. It is your big day after all!



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