W​hy photo booths offer you a more memorable experience​

W​hy photo booths offer you a more memorable experience​

Almost 100 years old, photo booths are still all the rage and only increasing in popularity. Who knew that they would withhold the test of time?  Weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, business parties and even family reunions are incorporating the timeless pieces into their events.

Let’s break them down:

As with everything in this world today, there are several different options when renting photo booths. Every rental place varies in name but they are all essentially the same style..

There is the classic photo booth–the typical 4 photos on a strip of paper. These are usually black and white but color photo booths are available. An attendant is always near by to ensure no technical difficulties occur.

There is the “pipe and drape” photo booth. This one is usually a curtain on a rod. Props (like mustaches, speech bubbles with phrases, hats, etc) are usually included with this package but always clarify with your Bay Area photo booth rental company.  An attendant snaps the photos.

The “pipe and drape” photo booth is the easiest to recreate yourself if you don’t have the budget for renting a photo booth. Pinterest is loaded with ideas and concepts to create an awesome DIY booth. Just remember to discuss this with your photographer. He or she may not have the ability to capture every moment of your special day and manage a photo booth.

Then there is the self-proclaimed “selfie machine”. It is a digital photo booth. Many look like a giant phone, with light cases to ensure the perfect selfie. Props can be included with these, but once again–clarify with your rental agent.  Usually, no attendant is needed–except for setup and break down.

As it is for photographers and videographers, most photo booths come with packages. These packages usually include set up, assistance, and breakdown. Some include props, others do not. Prints of the pictures or access to digital photo albums may be included. For the Bay Area, most packages are priced (on average) around $700 for a 4-hour rental period.

Having cocktails, then dinner, then socializing? Many of the Bay Area photo booth rentals will allow you to break your rental hours up. The photo booth may be open pre-dinner, closed for dinner, then reopened post-dinner. (Just another thing you need to discuss with your rental agent.)

But why should you rent a photobooth for your next party or gathering?

Photo booths are a full proof way to add an element of fun to your celebration. And that’s the whole point, yes? To have fun?

Whether it is a wedding or a business event, the key part of a party is fun. Guests are not necessarily having fun if they are not mingling amongst each other. Photo booths can create a great atmosphere for that intermingling to occur.

Photo booths are silly and carefree. Genuine smiles and laughter are almost always guaranteed when renting a photo booth. That genuine happiness will spread from one person to another, permeate the whole gathering, and uplift the entire mood of your gathering. It’s been scientifically proven.

They entertain all ages. Have children attending the event? They’ll spend hours coming up with new prop combinations, photobombing other guests (causing, even more smiles and laughter), creating the craziest faces for the camera, etc.. Even Grandma and Granddad will enjoy taking part. The best part? These photos can be used as keepsakes for your guests. You’ll be sending families home with memories that they will treasure, forever.  

Photo booths can capture truly organic, joyous moments. They are entertaining and great for creating an awesome atmosphere. There are so many photo booth options to meet your Bay Area party needs.  Just remember to be yourself and smile in 3… 2… 1…


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