How to host the perfect themed Halloween party

How to host the perfect themed Halloween party

With Halloween fast approaching, costume ideas are on everyone’s mind. You do not have to wait for Halloween to wear the perfect costume. Throwing a themed party is a great way to dress up all year round.

Themed parties may seem like a flashback to college days, but this type of party has grown in popularity over the past two decades, for all age groups. They are a great way to create a memorable and fun event while keeping the party planning stress free.

Dance the night away at a disco.  Steal some booty with your fellow pirates.  Get lei’d at a luau.

Dine with your favorite celebrities. Square dance the night away in your cowboy boots.

Looking for something a little off the wall? Host a Come As You Were Party, where everyone dresses up as their high school stereotype.  Are you a literary fan? Throw a Tequila Mockingbird party, where everyone dresses up as a book with an alcoholic twist.  Host a pun party and see who is the punniest. Excited about a season finale or an award show? Base your whole party that event.

Not a fan of costumes? Themed parties can also revolve around colors, patterns, textures…Well, really everything.  Stick to a color scheme – like pastel or neon. Celebrate your softer side with a touch of lace. Dress up your denim with some diamonds and drinks. Host an Oscar worthy dinner. Throw the ultimate pizza party!

The possibilities are endless

The best way to choose your party theme is by focusing on the who and the why of your party, as well as your guest of honor’s personal interests.

Why are you hosting this event? Is it a birthday party? A business get together? A celebration? Is it for a certain benefit? Throw a pink party for Breast Cancer Awareness. Win big at a Casino Night with your fellow employees.

If it’s a fancier occasion, sticking to the no costume  theme may be the best idea. Host a Dress Your Best event or a masquerade ball!

Who are you inviting? Are Grandmom and Granddad invited?  Is it just a group of your friends? You want your themed party to be fun and appropriate for your entire guest list. If you have a wide range of ages attending, a decade party is a great idea.

Once your theme is set, the food and decorations will usually fall into place for stress-free planning experience.

Themed foods just add that extra layer for you party.  Enjoy gyros in your toga. Dip fondue in your 70’s bell bottoms. Snack on tuxedo cookies while you rock that black and white dress. Munch on some brunch during your pajama party.

Even the drink menu can reflect your theme. Going tropical? Enjoy some pina coladas. Hosting hipsters? Pass the PBRs around.  Feeling witchy? Throw dry ice into the punch. Celebrating a certain country or region? Serve traditional drinks.

When it comes to decorating, websites like Pinterest can help inspire. Thanks to the wonderful world wide web, you can find thousands of ideas to help boost your party’s image. Everything from napkins to table settings can add that extra bit of flare to make your themed party memorable.

Even the playlist can add to your overall theme. Focusing on a decade, like the roaring 20s? Only play music from that era. Throwing on your cowboy boots and hat? Focus on adding some country music to your list.

The key to a successful themed party is cohesion. Your menu, your music,  and your decorations sync together to create the ultimate event.

Every tasteful detail solidifies your party’s success.

It can be a fun stress-free celebration!

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