3 Tips to throw the best office party

3 Tips to throw the best office party

3 Tips to throw the best office party

Every once in a while, employees get together to celebrate. Whether it’s the annual Christmas party, or an important deal or promotion, we all know we’ll have to attend the office party eventually.

But what if you’re the one in charge? You would want everyone to have a good time and make the (usually boring) stereotype of the office party disappear. Scroll down to see how you can make your office party rock.

3 tips to throw the best office party

These tips will be a big help if an office party is on your agenda.

1) Pick a theme: If you work in a serious environment, this is a great way to encourage everyone to have fun.

However, don’t get too crazy with the theme, you need people to be familiar with it so that they can feel welcomed.

If the party it’s going to require costumes, make sure they don’t require too much thought or work (click here for some theme ideas)

2) Choose your playlist wisely: The right music can take your office party to the next level.

Keep in mind the ages of your coworkers! Include some throwback and current hits, accept requests, and bring them all to the dance floor (more tips to create the perfect playlist here)

3) Have designated drivers: As important as having fun is, safety should ALWAYS come first.

Since we know there’s going to be liquor at an adult office party, you need to make sure there are designated drivers for all the attendees to their destination when the party’s over.

Doing this lets your coworkers know that you have their back and care for their well being.

Take all these things into consideration and we assure you that everyone will be talking about your office party, for the right reasons!

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6 years ago

There are 2 places in the article where you mention “clicking here” to go to another page with more info, but neither of them is actually linked to anything. Also, why is “website” required to post a comment?

Melissa Walker

6 years ago

Hi there Peter- thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. It looks like a problem with more than one of our older posts. We’re working on updating and improving them all. Really appreciate the comment. Have a great day.


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